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Museumsschule Hiddenhausen e. V.

Museumsschule Hiddenhausen e. V.

The concept of the museum school as a Prussian village school – inaugurated in 2001 and run by an association – is aimed at school classes and groups of adults.

Tours are given voluntarily by teachers. In addition to explanatory information these also include an inspection of the rooms and primarily a genuine lesson in the style of the 19th century. 
The museum school does not see itself as a museum collection but is intended to connect up with the head, heart and hands of visitors by actively integrating these into the lessons of former times. All can transport themselves to the years of the turn of the century by writing on slates and doing sums with the help of an old adding machine.

More extensive didactic and methodical material is intended to aid both teachers and pupils in intensifying the content of the lesson. In this way an introduction into the progress of history is communicated, and recognitions can be gained via comparisons to contemporary situations.
The museum school is a Prussian village school built in 1848. It contains no special collection showcases; the setup of the school, the tour and the historic lesson reference preserved written documents from former schoolmasters and Prussian school regulations.

The museum school is a lively place of learning. Visitors can experience the school and life as it was 150 years ago with all their senses.
They sit at old school desks and write with a slate-pencil and slate.

Girls and women wear an apron and the old school rules are explained before the start of the historic lesson.
In the months of winter the iron stove crackles and hisses in the school parlour.

The school with its schoolmaster apartment is authentic because it is possible to experience the former burdens of life; only the kitchen was heated in winter, water had to be fetched from the well in the garden, washing was done by hand and food was home-grown and prepared.

Knowledge from the chronicles and recordings of the schoolmasters is communicated that lived with their families and taught in the school building. Original school timetables and lesson plans are used.

How to get here


Blumenstrasse 60, 32120 Hiddenhausen

(for mailings: Rathaus Gemeinde Hiddenhausen, Rathausstr. 1, 32120 Hiddenhausen)


How to get here

Motorway A2 exit Herford, motorway A30 exit Kirchlengern


Public transport

ÖPNV: Verkehrsverbund Westfalen [Westphalian transport association] (VVOWL), bus route 425, Alter Kirchweg bus stop,
German railways: Stop: Hiddenhausen-Schweicheln,15 minutes on foot


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Opening hours

the whole year by arrangement, International Museum Day and Memorial Open Day (by arrangement)


for school classes € 2 per person (includes tour)
regular entry € 2 per person plus € 34 tour and history lesson (up to 30 persons), more than 30 persons: additional € 30 for the tour

Eat and Drink

after registration, cafè parlour in the store


School Room

School Room