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LWL-Industriemuseum Henrichshütte Hattingen

LWL-Industriemuseum Henrichshütte Hattingen

Sparks flew for 150 years when the Henrichshütte furnaces spat out the liquid iron.

The LWL-Industriemuseum breathes life back into the history of iron and steel at this authentic location. 10,000 people used to work on this giant industrial site. They produced coke, iron and steel, casting, rolling and forging the metal. The very last furnace in Hattingen was blown out in 1987 despite fierce opposition. Today it is the oldest still preserved furnace in the area, and simultaneously the largest exhibit in the LWL-Industriemuseum. Metal once again regularly flows in the demonstration foundry, and in the blower house, formerly the power centre of the ironworks, a wealth of cultural events take place.

The Henrichshütte was named after Graf Henrich von Stolberg-Wernigerode, (1772-1854), who not only governed his County of Harz but also bore influence as a member of the Prussian State Council. The gold ducat coined on the occasion of his taking office in 1824 reflects his self-conception as an important regional administrator. The development of Prussia towards becoming an industrial state also left its traces in the Henrichshütte. The Bessemer steelworks from the year 1872 marks the transition of Prussia into the steel era and is one of two known preserved facilities of this type in Europe. The axle-mounted wheels of a Prussian express locomotive manufactured in Hattingen and situated in the outside area is indicative of the importance of the iron and steel industry for the railways.

How to get here


Werksstraße 31-33, 45527 Hattingen


How to get here

A 43, exit Witten-Herbede, Blankensteiner Straße in the direction of Hattingen; then follow signs to "Route der Industriekultur" "LWL-Industriemuseum".


Public transport

S-Bahn (suburban railway): From Essen main railway station (Intercity stop) with line S3 to Hattingen-Mitte (travel time approx. 19 mins., train every 20 mins.) Cross the pedestrian bridge to reach the bus station. From there, continue with the bus (see below).
Bus: From Hattingen bus station: with bus routes CE31 (travel time 8 mins., bus every 20 mins.) and SB37 (4 mins., bus every 60 mins.) to the "Henrichshütte" stop, SB38 (3 mins., bus every 60 mins.) to the "Werksstraße" stop or with bus route 558 (10 mins., bus every 60 mins.) to the "Industriemuseum" stop.


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Opening hours

Do-So 10-18 Uhr 


Adults € 4.00

reduced* € 2.50

Children and young adults (6-17 years old), pupils € 1.50

Pupils as part of museum educational programmes € 1.10

Family day ticket € 9.00

Groups from 16 persons € 3.50 per person

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* recipients of running benefits in accordance with Sozialgesetzbuch II and XII, students (exception: "mature studies"), apprentices, performers of national voluntary services, dependants in voluntary social and ecological year, severely disabled persons from 80% (accompanying person free)

Eat and Drink

"Henrichs" restaurant