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Brandenburg-Preußen Museum

Brandenburg-Preußen Museum

See, find out and experience. The exhibitions of the Brandenburg-Preußen Museum in Zietendorf Wustrau on the Ruppiner See invite visitors to gain fascinating insights into Brandenburg Prussian history.

Unique and surprising exhibits and a portrait gallery of all Electors, Kings and Emperors of the Hohenzollern dynasty narrate the eventful past of Brandenburg and Prussia, the County of Brandenburg, historic Prussia in the Baltic region and today's Poland from the beginning of the 15th until the 20th century.
Annually alternating special exhibitions supplement the main exhibition.
The museum specialises particularly in work with children and young adults from pre-school to school-leaving age. Every fourth visitor is under 18 years of age. The Brandenburg-Preußen Museum – experiencing a museum differently for once and in a lively way to discover fascinating history.

The museum's collections primarily accompany the reign of the Hohenzollern Dynasty from the beginning of the 15th until the 20th century. The museum currently has more than 11,000 exhibits that include handicrafts, coins and medals, paintings, weapons as well as extensive objects concerning everyday culture, science, economics and industrialisation. A wide-ranging toy collection supplements the general collection.

The library has a holding of 8,000 volumes about Brandenburg-Prussian history from the 16th century until contemporary times. Collection holdings also contain the research library of the deceased Frederick biographer Professor Dr. Johannes Kunisch.
A large holding of rarities with works from the 17th and 18th centuries is also held by the library.

How to get here


Eichenallee 7a, 16818 Wustrau


How to get here

The museum has its own car park.


Public transport

Travel via railway and the VBB

RE 6 from Berlin-Spandau or Hennigsdorff, exit the train 
at Wustrau-Radensleben station approx. three kilometres 
away from the Brandenburg-Preußen Museum.
During the week you can use the ORP bus 777 from Neuruppin station -
Rheinsberger Tor. 
On Wednesdays the passenger ship also travels from Neuruppin to Wustrau 
and back. Unfortunately, travelling with the bus is not possible on weekends or public holidays.


Visit website


Opening hours

April - October
Tues. - Sun. 10 am to 6 pm
November - March
Tues. - Sun. 10 am to 4 pm


Single ticket 
EUR 5.00

Reduced ticket
EUR 2.00
Children from 6 years, pupils, students, severely disabled, unemployed, welfare recipients

Family ticket

EUR 8.00
2 adults, plus their minor children

Pensioners and groups from 10 persons
per person
EUR  3.00 

Annual ticket
EUR  20.00 

Tours (in addition to entry)
per person EUR  2.00
maximum EUR  40.00 
(exception: tours offered by us – these are free)

Lectures per person
EUR  5.00 (including entry)


Brandenburg-Preußen Museum

(1) Brandenburg-Preußen Museum

Brandenburg-Preußen Museum

(2) Brandenburg-Preußen Museum

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