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The King visits the County of Mark for the promotion of trades

King Frederick William II (1744-1797) visits the western territories in the year 1788 upon an invitation from the Mining and Metallurgy Minister and the Provincial Minister of Westphalia Anton Baron von Heynitz (1725-1802). He resides in Minden, Hamm, Hagen, Wesel and Kleve during his quick journey from 5 to 13 June 1788. He is received in all places with sheets of honour, printed odes to glory, military salutes, marches and parades by the militias. Extensive tours serve to promote industry and trade. Following the visit from the monarch, the system of recruiting soldiers, taxation and free trade with the provinces is improved and the causeway is built. A strengthening of "patriotic feeling" also occurs as a consequence of the King's visit.