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Administrative unification of the counties of Minden and Ravensberg

King Frederick William I (1688-1740) planned unification of the counties of Minden and Ravensberg since 1714. In 1719 he administratively groups both territories under a single government in Minden. This was part of the extensive restructuring of the complete administration of all territories. 
The aims are to improve efficiency and increase the fiscal income in order to also finance the military projects of the so-called "Soldier King". To increase the tax revenue Frederick William III declares eight small East-Westphalian towns to cities: these are Borgholzhausen, Bünde, Enger, Halle, (Prussian) Oldendorf, Versmold, Vlotho and Werther. The towns are still known today as excise towns (excise = state tax). The state revenue increases significantly, e.g. in Oldendorf from 505 talers before introduction of excise to 1,241 talers.