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Stadtarchiv Versmold

Stadtarchiv Versmold

The city archive also manages the exhibition activities of the Heimatmuseum Versmold.

Activities focus on municipal history as well as preparation for the 300-year town charter anniversary to take place in 2019. Further tasks include support and further education of the town tour guides.

The document and collection holdings are mainly taken from the 19th century. Politically and economically, the influence of the mercantile family of Delius is essential for development of the location from 1721 onwards. Special attention is paid to evidence of the completely vanished textile trade. National history monuments are documented well, in addition to the Prussian era in the "long" 19th century up to the end of World War I.  

How to get here


Münsterstraße 16, 33775 Versmold


How to get here

Parking is possible at the archive building

Public transport

With the German railway system or local public transport use the stop "Versmold railway station/ZOB"


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Opening hours

Mo – Mi 10 – 12, 14 - 17


Former privat park of the Delius Family

(1) Former privat park of the Delius Family

Museum of Local History Versmold

(2) Museum of Local History Versmold

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(1) Stadtarchiv Versmold / (2) Stadtarchiv Versmold