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"Day of Potsdam", Hermann Göring becomes Prussian Prime Minister

The inauguration of the Reichstag parliament on 21 March 1933 is relocated to the Potsdam Garrison Church as a symbolic gesture following the burning of the Reichstag, taking place in front of the crypt of Frederick the Great and his father. 

Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) acts civilly and respectfully to President of the Reich Paul von Hindenburg, the representation of the old, Prussian monarchical tradition.
The act of state staged for propaganda purposes initiates step-by-step the power seizure and National Socialist penetration of the state and its authorities.
After the resignation of von Papen, Hermann Göring is declared Prussian Prime Minister on 10 April 1933. With this, assumption of power within the state apparatus is also implemented with appropriate personnel.