Schloss Cappenberg

Schloss Cappenberg


Schloss Cappenberg, 59379 Selm

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Eat and Drink

Café Kegelbahn on the castle grounds,

How to get here

Signposted from Lünen (BAB 2) and Werne (BAB 1), parking spaces in front of the castle grounds

Public transport

Bus routes from Werne and Lünen railway stations, 2-4 times daily

The new exhibition "A visit to Freiherr vom Stein" is expected to be opened in 2019: in rooms resided in by Stein and decorated with pictures commemorating his eventful life. A day in the early autumn of 1828, the visitor wishes to pay respects to His Excellency the Baron and is led by his butler to meet the state parliament marshal personally…

During the course of the visit he hears much about the retired State Minister and his eventful life and also about the history of the Cappenberg.

The exhibition also features loans from the descendants of the von Stein family, from the large regional history collection of the Landesmuseum Münster and from the Diepenbroick portrait archive relocated there in 1980 (see also here.)

J. C. Rincklake: Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher als Husarengeneral, ca. 1804-1806
P. J. Lützenkirchen: Carl Freiherr vom Stein als Staatsminister a.D., mezzotint 1814

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Schloss Cappenberg Außenstelle des LWL-Museums für Kunst und Kultur / Westfälisches Landesmuseum, Münster




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